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Affilaiated to CBSE
Affiliation No. 1730118
School Code : 10401

+91 05644-222700
Bharatpur (Rajastan)


Home School Infrastructure

St. Peter has an excellent infrastructure to take care of every aspect of students personality development. The campus is huge Dr. kiran Bedi, IPS who visited the school in 1999, commented that St Peters has a campus bigger than any she has seen in India. The campus is spread over an area of approximately 50 acres and offers the following facilities:


In order to keep pace with the ever growing need of knowledge, one big library is in the school where students feel perfectly at ease as they browse through volumes on varied subjects. Apart from the reference work that the students often indulge in, they gladly await the days on which they visit this temple of knowledge just to ease themselves by reading the wonderful collections laid open before them.

Art Room

Art speaks where words are unable to explain. Art rooms ignite the spark of creativity and imagination in the hearts and minds of the budding artists. The students are taught the various traditional and modern art forms.

Music Room

With the same notion, a soulful space is provided in the form of two music rooms for the learners where they can express their individuality and interpret music through their emotions. They are made proficient in the various genres of music and made dexterous in the various musical instruments.

Computer Lab

The school houses two computer labs with a substantial number of computers equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the students keep abreast with the fast changing IT world. The application of IT in the educational sector has expanded the walls of the classrooms and created limitless opportunities for learning and growth through the web based technology. The computer labs add to this fervor of Information Technology.

Physics Lab

The spacious and bright Physics lab is the favourite place for all the Young Einstein & Newtons in the making, where they experiment and come out with new inferences.

Chemistry Lab

A well equipped chemistry lab, operational with test-tubes and other common chemical apparatus finds many aspiring scientists engrossed in experimentation.

Biology Lab

A very interesting corner of learning, where unfolds the greatest mysteries of life. It is here that each young learner watches with wonder the first signs of life under the microscope.

Maths Lab

Complying to the new concept of adding a Maths lab , as maintained by the CBSE board, an attractive room full of evidences to show that mathematics can be fun, exists within the Lab- block.


A stage par excellence inviting the budding artists to exhibit their talent in a well-defined auditorium with a capacity of accommodating approximately more than 500 students, find its place on the top floor of the New Building. Equipped with an effective light and sound system, it is a treat to witness the cultural filigree sitting in the cool atmosphere of the auditorium.

Multi Purpose Hall

A spacious hall to conduct various school activities.

Play Ground

We believe in the propagation of an all round development of a child. With our vast sprawling green grounds, the school playground provides a safe outdoors environment within the school that stimulates children to use their creative energy in generating good physical health and healthy interactions with one another. The school owns a cricket field, a foot ball ground, basketball court, and a badminton court.